"Step into our Burlesque Wonderland"

Welcome friends and lovers of Burlesque.

We bring the hidden treasures to our stage. Because we believe that there is much more variety possible then we saw by now.


We don't care about gender, sexualtity or titles.  Playing with stereotypes is our goal.  

We want heart and soul, sweat and tears in our shows. 

Beside all the fun, glamour and naked skin we will a support social services provider, who helps women who are in urgent need for help. Who wants to know more about, can write us.   


When? Friday, 20th of March until Sunday, 22nd of March 2020

Where? Kulturhaus Caserne, Friedrichshafen, Germany


Dear fans, friends and lovers of Burlesquetopia,


We postponed the first date until February 2021 in the hope that the situation will stabilise. But the opposite has happend.

This uncertainty is difficult for everyone. That is why we've  decided to put Burlesquetopia on hold for an undefined time.

We are very sorry that this has happened, but due to the situation , we have come to this decision.

But it doesn't mean we give up Burlesquetopia. We will set a new appointment as soon as the situation calms down and safe again.

Love and big kisses

Der Königin und Die König
Jeff & Mieze