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terms and conditions

Hello you wonderful creature,  


Raketenmieze  and Jeff van Phil are super excited to represent 

The first Edition auf Burlesquetopia! 

Thank you for applying for the first Edition of Burlesquetopia in 2020! 
This application form has been issued for you. Please note that it is only valid for your personal use.  
Please read all info carefully and send the fully filled in application form back by pressing 'submit' once you have filled in all info. Changes cannot be made after submitting, so please take your time. 


The Application Fee is 10 EUR for 2 Acts. 

Please note: Uncompleted applications can not be considered. 
Application deadline: 15th of September, 2019 
Notification to applicants: until 15th of October 2019 

Burlesquetoia will take place from 20th to 22nd of March 2020 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. 
Friday, 20th of March 2020: Show us your show.  

Saturday, 21st of March: Feast of Burlesque  

Sunday, 22nd of March: burlesquetopia Brunch with friends and lovers   

(you can only apply for Friday night)  

Participating performers need to provide Burlesquetopia with a correct invoice to receive their payment. The payment will be issued within 10 days after the festival. Burlesquetopia does not cover fees for transactions or PayPal. 
We offer one ticket for a lover or friend each participant. Performers can enjoy both shows for free. The Brunche has to be booked and paid extra.  

Since we have only limited place, please be aware that all seats are reserved for the paying guests only. If you want to reserve a seat we will give you a discount. 
Performers authorize photography and filming of acts during the event and allow Burlesquetopia to use them for promotional use after the event. Web pictures will be made available to performers after event. 
Once accepted into Burlesquetopia performers have to confirm within 10 days of notice and we need your booking details within 30 days.  
We would like to encourage all performers to list and promote the event on their online websites and social network profiles.  
These regulations are essential, so please stick to them closely. Failure to follow the terms and conditions can lead to cancellation of the scheduled performer. 


At the "Show us your show" we wont have any judges but we will have producers there.Witch means, you will be able to win a payed show somewhere in Europe

3. What we are looking for:  
Burlesquetopia shall be the places where hidden treasures can shine. You have a routine in your closet which was never seen on another festival? Apply!  

You think you are a bomb on stage but you have never had a chance before. Apply!  

Everybody knows you a classic burlesque performer but you want to be something complety different? Apply. We don’t care for titles. We want your heart, your soul and all that you want to bring out with burlesque. You think you really can surprise us? Do it! Apply!  
As a compensation for travel expenses we pay 
International Acts (living outside of Germany): 120 € 
National Acts (living in Germany): 80 € 



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